Upcoming Non-Credit Offerings


Finney County Economic Development Corporation with its partnership to Garden City Community College has increased the number of non-credit courses offerings in 2020. One a unique opportunity to expand one’s taste buds.

“Brewhouse Flight School,” is the first non-credit course held on Jan. 31, 2020. It is an exclusive beer-tasting and food pairing course at Flat Mountain Brewhouse where the restaurant’s Master Brewer, Cody Cundiff, will be instructing. Registration for the $30 class, which covers all food and drink, is now open.

Garden City Community College, in partnership with Finney County Economic Development Corp., plans to increase its non-credit course offerings in 2020, starting with a unique opportunity to expand one’s taste buds.

GCCC’s first non-credit course for the calendar year is titled, “Brewhouse Flight School,” an exclusive beer-tasting and food pairing course which will be held on Jan. 31, 2020, at Flat Mountain Brewhouse.

Registration for the $30 class, which covers all food and drink, is now open and will feature instruction from the restaurant’s Master Brewer, Cody Cundiff.

“I’ve always believed that people who say they don’t like beer simply haven’t tried the right one,” said Cundiff, a GCCC social science instructor. “There are so many styles and variations that go into beer, and I’m excited to share a little about them.”

FCEDC Vice President of Community Development Nicole Hahn said the beer-tasting class is just one of several new opportunities that will be available throughout this year, thanks to GCCC’s ongoing partnership with her organization and other area businesses and nonprofits.

“It’s all about our effort to put ‘community’ back into the community college,” she said.

Other non-credit courses that are the organization in planning includes baking, photography, woodworking, stress management, and barbecue basics, to name a few.

You will also have the opportunity to take courses that are workforce-specific training opportunities that may include forklift certification, graphic design, photography, Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, and other in-demand skills.

Hahn added that the community college will continue to work with area businesses and other groups as more non-credit courses are offered. Some of them include the Southwest Kansas Builders Association, Great Plains MakerSpace, and Garden City Arts.

“It’s not about making money off of these programs. We’re just trying to cover our costs and implement these offerings as a service to the community,” she added.

To register for Brewhouse Flight School or for more information about GCCC’s upcoming non-credit course offerings, contact Hahn at [email protected] or 620-271-0388.