Holiday Giving at Garden City Community College


Shyenne Salas

As the weather starts to get colder, and Nov. begins, the season of giving is just beginning. During this time, people from around the area donate clothes, toys, and food for those in need. Garden City Community College’s organizations are giving this season too.


Tau Epsilon Lambda, or T.E.L., is an organization on campus for criminal justice and other public safety majors. This holiday season, they are honoring Travis Bachman by hosting the 13th Annual Travis Bachman Memorial Christmas Stocking Drive. In remembrance of Mr.Travis Bachman,  T.E.L. is organizing this fundraiser for soldiers who are unable to come home for Christmas. Brandy Unruh, a sponsor of T.E.L. says, “A taste of home can make a deployment a little easier.”  When Mrs. Unruh was asked why she believes giving back is so important, she stated, “There is so much need and many of us have the means, even if just a little, to give back. Sometimes the help comes in the form of money and sometimes in the form of time. Either way, people should find a way to give as it helps you realize the world is much bigger than the bubble we tend to live in.” The T.E.L. is asking for stockings filled with things such as (individual) packets of Gatorade, ramen noodles, cashews, cookies, and beef jerky if anyone is interested in donating. Handheld games, DVDs, toiletries placed in ziplock bags, A.A. batteries, wet wipes, lip balm, and even a signed Christmas card are all welcome and highly appreciated as well. After filling the stockings, they can then be taken to the American Legion Hall on November 19 from 5:30 p.m.–7:00 p.m.


Garden City Community College is not only giving stockings. In fact, the  Agricultural Department will also have an event called “Fill the Ford.” They will be donating the contents to the less fortunate who are not able to have presents on Christmas day like others. For the past several years, the college has been filling the truck and donating the toys. This year, on Dec. 5, the ford truck will be parked in the John Collins Vocational building parking lot to start the filling of the truck. Donations will be accepted from 8:00 a.m. that morning to 6:00 p.m. later in the evening. Throughout the campus, you will be able to find baskets, where you can put your donations. The building with the most donations will win a prize! You can also donate toys at the performances of “Santa’s Got the Flu,” which occurs from Nov. 21 through Nov. 24. The donations will go to the Salvation Army who will help distribute the toys. Those who are unable to give back at the college can give back with Collegiate Farm Bureau and Block Bridle Collect who will also collect unwrapped new toys for those who are not fortunate enough to receive toys this Christmas.


Every gift counts and no gift is too small. Beginning food, toiletries, and toys to those in need can help those who are less fortunate. No donation is too small.