Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez


Gerald Aparicio

The story of Aaron Hernandez and his suicide is an interesting one. An NFL superstar who seemingly has it all is linked to a double homicide and the death of his fiance’s sister’s boyfriend. Later, he commits suicide. The questions that come up are, “Did he do it?” and if so “What motive did he have?” The answers to these questions are unclear leaving ample room for speculation and theories as to what happened. There are several odd details that make this story more mysterious, like a $40 million NFL contract after facing double homicide charges.

This documentary suggests Aaron had a special privilege that came with his status as a talented football player that would allow him to get away with violent outbursts with no repercussions. This three-episode miniseries includes phone-call audios between Arron and the people closest to him that give the viewer a better look at Arron‘s perspective. I like that this story was told in a three-part documentary because it gives background information about Arron. Each episode also builds a timeline of the events that led up to his suicide. I also like the perspective of other NFL players that share the “reality” of a billion-dollar industry, the pressure, and physical strains a player must endure when playing a heavy-contact sport. This documentary gives multiple insightful perspectives that tell this story in a way that will leave you wanting more at the end of each episode. In conclusion, this is a binge-worthy watch for murder documentary lovers.