Welcome To The Team


Elisabeth McGill

The new year brings changes, especially in the case of the Garden City Community College girls’ basketball team. Coaches Mike Harding Jr., also known as Coach Scoop, and Brittany VanRoyen came back from winter break as the new coaches for the girls’ basketball team. Coach Harding was the assistant coach for the men’s basketball team and Coach VanRoyen was the assistant volleyball coach this past season. Despite the sudden change, both parties are excited about the continuation of the season.

“I feel the season is going to be good and the new coaches are cool,” Jaleah Bellany, a basketball player for Garden City Community College, said.

The team has proven to work well together winning against teams like Butler. Their success, however, could not be achievable without the support of one another.

“This team is starting to play together,” Harding said. “I’m hearing and seeing them cheer for each other’s success.”

With upcoming conference games and a newfound trust in one another, the coaches believe that they can win any game. “I feel this team is ready to compete with anyone we step on the floor against,” Harding said. “We’re not a big team but we’re one of the most athletic teams in the league.”

The coaches also believe that the team, despite being small, has a large amount of talent “Our girls have all of the talent in the world to do incredibly well in this conference,” VanRoyen said. “If we continue on the track we are on right now, I truly believe we are capable of anything.”

Despite the sudden adjustment the Women’s Buster Basketball team seems to be adapting well to the new situation. As the season continues, both the coaches and the players hope to continue winning games and strengthening their skills as a team.