Tiger King Still Ranks Third in Netflix’s top 10 in the USA a Month After Release.


Sophie Lowry

Still ranking third in Netflix’s top ten in the USA it is no surprise that the Tiger King has over 34 million views. Tiger King is a Netflix original True crime documentary series over a zookeeper named Joe Exotic. The show was released on Netflix on Mar. 20.

The show starts off by explaining Joe Exotic’s history and how he began his journey. An interesting fact, even though Joe Exotic’s zoo’s from Oklahoma, he was born here in Garden City, Kans.  Even though you can tell that he is a little different, I still think that he is a good guy. You soon learn about another big cat conservationist named Carole Baskin. Through the show, you learn about two or three other big cat owners. These owners include Bhagavan Antle, an animal breeder accused of leading a personality cult, Mario Tabraue, a former drug lord who is involved in animal trafficking, and Jeff Lowe, who obtains Joe Exotic’s zoo over legal reasons.

Carol Baskin is the CEO of big cat rescue in Tampa, Florida. In her mind, every other large cat owner is in the wrong. She thinks that they are keeping them as pets. She thinks what she is doing is different because she is saving the big cats from living in cages that are too small for them. In reality,  she is doing the exact same thing that everyone else is doing.  In addition, to the hypocrisy, you learn about her past. Her husband mysteriously went missing and his body was never found. While there is a lack of evidence to suggest Baskin killed her husband, many speculate that she did.  

It came to no surprise that Joe exotic did not sugar coat his negative opinions towards  Carole Baskin. He had online shows that he completely bashed her in. Eventually, Baskin decided that she was going to take down Joe exotic. Through the entire show, they go back-and-forth. But I am not going to tell you who wins. 

While the show doesn’t seem like it could get any crazier, it does. Joe does several crazy things though the show like running for president. When that didn’t work he ran for governor. Sadly his bets didn’t pay off and he failed becoming governor. AS if his plans cannot go further downhill they do. eventually, he is convicted of a crime. What crime you ask? Well, you’ll just have to watch the series to find out.

Overall, I think that Joe Exotic was sort of crazy in the beginning. But Baskin didn’t help that fact. I think this show was entertaining. No one could possibly get bored with this show when there are too many crazy stories, each different than the last.  I highly recommend a binge-watching session for this series.