New Athletic Building

The new athletic building has been up and running! Here is a few things should know:


To start off with, Allison Griffin is the head Athletic trainer at Garden city. 


So what kinds of benefits does the new facility have for Garden City, and what advantages does it bring to the school? It shows how involved the college is with the safety of their student athletes and gives a better opportunity to provide treatment with everything going on in the world right now. Having two facilities allows coaches, and teachers to give more to their athletes. 


Who helps fund the building and who is able to use it? Only student athletes and coaches alike, not so much for the general student body, a bigger facility will allow a larger student program within the athletic training program and allow students to come in and have a more hands on experience. 


Hours of operation: Normally there is an hour before practice starts for an individual sport, they start at 5:30 am and they are on a strict appointment only schedule which is different because no one is used to it. 


Important things about the facility, their sponsors and the help: they had received grant funding, is around a half a million dollar project. They have received brand new treatment tables, taping tables, whirlpools, tons of storage space and new storage parts. Getting a new automatic defibrillator, new modalities unit so more treatment on athletes.   


Interesting facts: the set up of the facility is  unique; you don’t see many athletic facilities that have a dedicated space for rehab exercises and that space is great because they can have kids operating in both facilities at a safe distance. They are starting a digital sign in for the athletes for athletes to log their treatments. Their wet room has a slanted floor so that all water can be pushed into the drain no matter where it’s at.