GCCC Music Department Host “Carols For Critters” at Lee Richardson Zoo


CJ Johnson, Assistant Director of Bands, conducts the newly founded String ensemble.

Dalton Janousek and

Garden City KS

On Saturday, The Garden City Community College Music Department hosted “Carols For Critters” at the Lee Richardson Zoo. This being the first event the Music Department has hosted since Christmas last year. “Carol For Critters” featured the GCCC’s Woodwind/Brass Choirs, GCCC’s Jazz Band, and GCCC’s newly founded String ensemble. The Woodwind/Brass Choirs being under the direction of Renee Carmichael and Casey Hands, the Jazz Band being under the direction of CJ Johnson, and the String ensemble being under the direction of Renee Carmichael. Casey Hands, Director of Bands now for 8 years, says “this is what people want.” ” You take our well rounded department, and have them collaborate, and it’s just like magic. I’ve never seen our department run so well like this before. Between Sean Boller, Renee Carmichael,  and CJ Johnson, we all work really well together, and that’s what makes this group fun to work with.” The next event from the GCCC Music Department is Tuesday, November 17th. The GCCC Concert Choir and College Singers are set to perform under the direction of Sean Boller. The event will be live streamed via Facebook. You can find it here https://www.facebook.com/events/2937587029676740