Celebrating TRIO


Alondra Fuentes

On February 23, 2021 Garden City Community College held an event for members of the Student Support Services (SSS) program. Student Support Services (otherwise known as TRIO) is a federally funded program that assists first generation students to become successful in college. The TRIO event took place on campus in the library lobby. The event celebrated National Trio Day and also recognized the purpose and accomplishments of the program. Food, drinks and other fun prizes were provided as TRIO celebrated through trivia! The 2020 TRIO Achiever Award was presented to Winsom Lamb who is passionate about the success of her students, and works as a social science instructor at GCCC, and had also participated in the TRIO program. Kurt Peterson the director of SSS stated the importance of having a program such as TRIO in the community is vital because, “there is a lot of need amongst first generation students that don’t know (or are unaware) of navigating the educational system,” he also mentioned that “they (first generation students) need to realize their potential and have a chance to prove themselves)”. Through TRIO first generation students have the opportunity to learn how the educational program works, and if help is needed SSS is there to assist with any problem the student may be experiencing. Whether the student struggles with their studies or financially, Student Support Services is able to guide students in the right direction. TRIO looks ahead to continue lifting students to pursue their college career.

Photo by Matiyron Easley