Business Spotlight: Escape the Clock


Sophie Lowry

If you are looking for a fun, safe way to spend your afternoon that is both inexpensive and will give your friends something to do during the pandemic then head on over to Escape the Clock. Escape the Clock is located on the corner of Main St. and Fulton. And, it’s open everyday of the week. For only $15 a piece, you and your friends can be “locked” in a puzzle room and given 60 minutes to find the clues and escape!


From starter rooms that even children can complete to expert level rooms that can fit a decent crowd of people, they have something for any occasion and difficulty level. They’re perfect for anything from babysitting to hanging out with friends, or even a date night. The rooms they have available right now are: The Gingerbread Cottage, The Vanished, The Copper County Conviction, Alice in Wonderland, or The Mayan Experience. The rooms are filled with tricks and surprises that you would never expect. I have gone several times and, personally, have never experienced a bad time. The workers are extremely helpful and will give you hints every ten minutes if you need them. If you are able to complete the room, and escape within the hour, you and your friends get to write your name on the wall outside of the room. However, the workers will come and get you at the end of your 60 minutes if you aren’t able to complete the room.


The last time I went, we attempted the hardest room they have. It was so much fun, but made you think extremely hard. We did not end up escaping within the hour, but I will definitely go back to try to finish the room all the way through next time. 


Overall Escape the Clock is one of Garden City’s hidden gems. It is such a fun time, so if you are ever bored or looking for something to do, make sure you check out Escape the Clock!