Upcoming: Student Survey


Alondra Fuentes

Pay attention to your student e-mails between the dates of March 24 and April 1st; the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) will be sending out access codes that lead to a survey (the surveys will come from [email protected]). While the survey takes about 45 minutes to complete, the results will benefit the future student body. Once the survey is completed, students will receive a confirmation screen that provides proof of completion. If, for some reason, the student is having trouble with the link they need only respond to the email saying they need help. Marc Malone – the Vice President of GCCC – stated, “It’s a national survey based on key student engagement opportunities that have been shown by research to increase student persistence”. In past surveys, the CCSSE learned what students were lacking and provided assistance based off this information. The more students who take the survey, the better. Malone encourages students to take the survey (despite how much time it will take) stating, “I, myself, would prefer to browse TikTok. But it’s a very important part of our job as citizens of the world to share our experiences—it really helps make improvements. So put on your Spotify, plug in your earbuds, and help contribute to a better future for everyone”.

So, if you receive the email, don’t hesitate to answer the call!