Investing in the Future: Endowment Auction


Alondra Fuentes

Garden City Community College’s Endowment Association will hold a virtual auction on Friday, April 9th from 7:00-9:00 pm. Bidding begins at 7pm and viewers can watch the auction through a livestream that can be found on GCCC’s Endowment Facebook page. The theme for this years auction is “Invest in the Future” (similar to Back to the Future). The Endowment Association is an independent support organization for the community college, they focus to support the student body, and faculty. According to Jeremy Gigot the whole point of the auction is too, “Provide the academic and technical scholarships as well as providing grant funding or equipment for programs on campus”.  Items that will be auctioned off are all provided by donors and businesses that support the college. Bidders will have the opportunity to view each item closely in detail on the auction site. In the past the Endowment Association has been able to raise around $150-180,000, which has fulfilled the purpose the association.

Don’t miss the live event airing tomorrow!