Money Up for Grabs


Julie Calzonetti, Co-editer

One of the many opportunities when coming to GCCC is financial aid support. There are several new ways to rack in cash as a student this year compared to past years. The Higher Education Covid Relief Fund (HEERF) is in effect this semester, open to any student that feels they need help with financial support. By going to the main page of the GCCC website, there is a window titled ‘HEERF Grant Application.” By requesting the amount of money (maximum is $1000) and entering full name and student ID number, the money will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. As of now, there is no deadline for the application.

Another money opportunity being presented this semester is the vaccination submission form. The school is offering a $500 grant to any student that submits proof of a vaccination card. By going on the Garden City app and clicking on the “pre-screening and self-reporting forms” window, any student can submit a picture of their vaccination card and be eligible for the money.

Along with these new opportunities to save money, there have always been many scholarship opportunities to apply for. The endless options and varieties to browse through are easily accessible on the Buster Web under the cost & aid tab.