Looking To the Future


Alondra Fuentes

Garden City Community College recently held a college fair in the Library and the turn out was quite successful. Schools from all over Kansas visited GCCC looking to recruit students after they have finished their journey at the community college. School’s such as, Newman, Baker, Emporia, and many more settled in the Library and conversed with students about their options after they graduate. While many know the plan after graduation, many are still left clueless. College fair’s allow students to explore options close to home, and also provide students with the resources they need if they are plan to move elsewhere. Or if they need assistance in learning what the next steps are. Many students found the college fair helpful, and visiting colleges were able to recruit and connect with students.

The college recruiters were kind, energetic, ready to assist, and provide information. “We just hope we are able to connect and get to know the students better,” one recruiter said, “Even if they don’t end up picking our school, its nice learning about their interests and passions. Each student is different and personally I enjoy helping them”.

GCCC certainly lived up to it’s motto, “From here you can go anywhere,” with the recent college fair.