Innovation Selfie Station Contest!


Taylor Thorp, Writer/Sports Editor

Currently enrolled GCCC Students, there is now an opportunity to be rewarded with a 500 dollar scholarship! Garden City Community College is holding a “Innovation Selfie Station Contest” to create a new destination on campus. This contest is open to any student, or group with a creative idea for this new campus attraction. This attraction must embody the environment at Garden City Community College. It is encouraged to use Billy the Broncbuster, the Power G, school colors, hashtags, quotes, and anything that overall represents Garden City Community College well. 

Submissions are due on March 11th at 11:59 pm to [email protected]. Your submission must include a sketch or JPEG of your idea, your name, contact information, and a 100-500 word detailed description of your image. 

Top finalists will be selected with their designs available to GCCC and community input, followed by a college council vote. Details following the winners and finalists will be announced after Spring Break. The winner who is selected will work with the GCCC Art Club to bring their design to life. The winner will be awarded the 2022 Innovation Selfie Station Design Award, and a $500 GCCC Scholarship during a special ribbon cutting ceremony.