Garden City Community College and Esports


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Elycia Johnson, Writer

What is Esports?

Esports is a term used to describe competitive gaming at a professional level. Normally performing for spectators who are professional players. Esports is an upcoming popularity sport now being able to be streamed. Many people recognize athletes such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and others though Esports has not gained that much recognition it is still a popular sport that is now gaining its popularity. GCCC has provided an Esports team that is becoming well known around campus. They have won competitions starting their first week opening and continue to gain interested athletes wanting to participate. Esports offers scholarships for their athletes and gives students the abilities to work and play from their dorm room and meet for their practices as well. GCCC Esports team normally plays team-based games and will compete all together on the same dates. They offer a variety of games often times letting students have their choice of what game they want to play. 

Esports is a $1 Billion Dollar industry that is watched by millions of people especially during championship games. Often played in arenas where many Esports athletes travel to play in their finishing championships to win the ultimate prize. Many tournaments and games have a winning prize of cash especially winning a championship game. Esports is on its way to become an Olympic sport. Over 600 colleges in the U.S have offered Esports teams and scholarships. While in physical sports an organized location is needed to play a team sport, Esports contains people from all over the world that can play together in the comfort of their own homes. The most common streaming service for Esports is Twitch which is owned by Amazon. There are over 15 million visitors a day with over 355 billion minutes watched. 

Our Players:

The head of our Esports team is David Larson from the Information Technology Department.

The official roster of our Esports Team are:

Chrsitina Diab

Abel Medina

Pedro Sanchez

Ramon Araujo

Amari Hampton

Edgar Ruiz

Adrian Gutierrez

Joel Resendiz

Jayson Resendiz

Sergio Espino

Carter Hodges

Ceaser Alarcon

Kaden Nagel

Camden Munoz

Deven Hill

Drew Hill

Ulises Lopez

Heidy Mercadel

Ernesto Hernandez

Jonathon Saenz

Ty Straub


Player Christina Diab’s game is Call of Duty. She explains “What I love about Esports is how accepting they are. They do not judge you and we are a family. When I found out that GCCC offered it I was excited for the opportunity to do what I love while simultaneously paying for my schooling”. Esports offers a great opportunity for students who have a passion for gaming and is accepted as a recognized sport in college. 


Top Esports Games:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • League of legends
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • Call Of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • Honorable Mention