SSS Opening Day!


Mya DelaCruz, Writer

Students who are first generation, have parents that require them as having a taxable income, or have a disability that could possibly affect their college success are highly recommended to check out the Student Success Service, located on the north side of the library. The Student Support Service can hire tutors to help keep grades as high as possible to have opportunities for scholarships presented to them later on, write letters of recommendation for students, and help with enrollment for semesters to help track credits. All of their services to students are free as well! Here at Garden City Community College, if you need school supplies, they are also free for students. Instead of spending 100 dollars on a graphing calculator, the SSS has some students can borrow. They can help create study guides for classes and help with studying, and much more! Getting adjusted with these circumstances is difficult, but the SSS is here to help you! 

This service supports students in enrolling and transferring to future universities, and qualifies students for free admissions at universities including : Kansas State University, University of Kansas, Wichita State University, and a few others. On these college visits, the SSS will provide everything for the student, besides the jeans students wanna buy at hollister of course. For first generation college students, it can be difficult to complete the FAFSA form. The SSS makes sure first generation college students receive FAFSA and help fill out the form as well. The Student Support Service is a great advantage for students to be successful throughout college and to later advance at a four year university. 

 Interested in applying? The Student Support Service is directed by Dana Nanninga, and students can contact her at 620-275-9660 or email her at The SSS is open anytime during the day! There are two ways to apply; students can either grab a printed application from their office, or on the GCCC website under the student life tab, students should find the Student Support Service link and can apply there!