A New Approach to New Years Resolutions.


Brendan Cabral, Staff

New Year’s Resolutions can have very opposite opinions between each individual. You’ll usually hear either jokes about it or people commenting on improving themselves for the new year. Some people may look down on it because some people do not show any change from how they used to view the individual. Although, as you may think, some people do not display any difference, sometimes New Year’s Resolutions do not have to be focused on an attitude change. 

There are other accomplishments individuals can achieve for the new year, such as better financial stability, stopping procrastination, finding a better job, traveling somewhere new to get your mind off of things, and many more things that I haven’t listed. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish and not caring about how others view it. A new year doesn’t exactly mean it is a “new” you. It means you have an entire year to have a checklist of steps on what you are passionate about doing better for yourself. For example, say you want to become more confident in yourself. A good step could start with our education advantage. It may be hard to get better grades, but the point of resolutions is to motivate yourself to give that push. 

Once you get better grades in your classes, you will already have this immense confidence. It would be inspiring, and you don’t realize that if you take your New Year’s Resolutions seriously, you will find it fun. You can try doing different things other than that, all while you’re becoming the better, more confident person you wanted to be at the beginning of the year. 

At the end of the year, the New Year’s Resolution would allow you to look back at the beginning of the year on what you wanted different for yourself. You could tell yourself, “I did it,” or “I’m genuinely making a difference for myself. I will be someone I have always wanted to be.” The point of what I am trying to say is it doesn’t matter what other people would view your New Year Resolutions as; the focus of them is to become a better version of yourself. They may not be for everyone, but resolutions, in general, could be for you if you are willing to have the passion and aren’t afraid of taking risks on what kind of changes you’re trying to reach for in the end. New Year’s Resolutions won’t have a useless outlook if you believe in yourself.