OBX is Back for Season 3!


Mya DelaCruz, Staff

Calling all pogues, It’s about that time! Outer Banks season 3 created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke is going to be available on Netflix Friday, February 23rd, 2023. Almost two years ago, season 2 premiered on Netflix keeping fans on the edge of their seats hoping for a third season. Now that it is here, it is time to find out what happens after the jaw-dropping cliffhanger. If people have not watched Outer Banks, here is a little rundown. A group of Pogue teenagers from The Cut are determined to find out what happened to their group leader, John B’s, missing father. 

Throughout their journey, they come across legendary treasure tied to his father along with a developing relationship with a cook named Sarah Cameron. The pogues are the cool kids, the ones who surf and party like no other. The Cooks are rich country club kids who think they are too cool for anyone. Sarah Cameron and John B’s relationship make both worlds collide starting many issues for the group of friends. The show is based in Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, South Caroline. The water-front area shown in the film is a popular tourist attraction with creek-side dining and water activities.  

This is one of the biggest reasons for Outer Banks being so popular. This, along with the obsessions over Sarah Cameron (Madelyne Cline) and John B (Chase Stokes). A few predictions about the new season have come about and original Outer Banks fans will understand. The first prediction is that Kiara and JJ will finally be together after the nonchalant foreshadowing of their love for each other. Also, Pope might find a new love interest. Pope has not had very much luck with women so who knows? All together Outer Banks is a mix of romance, action, and suspense put together to make a story that all teenagers want to be a part of. Even with all the risky and scary experiences, the adrenaline rush would be a fun thing to be a part of, especially with friends. This group of friends sets an example of a good friendship. They would do anything for each other and treat each other like family no matter what. So, get your popcorn ready to binge-watch Outer Banks season 3, it is going to be a good one and this will not be the last season we see. This season is going to be the perfect reminder that summer is right around the corner.