Rihanna Pregnant with Second Child!


Mya DelaCruz, Staff

This past week during the super bowl, 75% of the crowd was there for the “Rihanna concert”, along with the football game that happened before and after. Her marshmallow-looking dancers and the dance-pop music she mixed in with her original songs were very impressive. She leaves fans in the dust for several years and then she performs half-time, and it is like she never left. As exciting as it was to see her perform, it did not stop the fact that she revealed her pregnancy as well.

Rihanna is 33 years old and is expecting her second child with the rapper named A$ap Rocky. The queen sang 12 songs in under 13 minutes while pregnant, that takes talent. Rihanna and A$ap have been friends for a really long time and later became more than friends and welcomed their first child in 2022. It all started when Rihanna had her Diamond Tour in 2013 and A$ap joined. They both sparked dating rumors in 2020 after Rihanna and her ex-billionaire boyfriend Hasan Jameel broke up. Ever since then, Rihanna and A$ap have been super close and inseparable in recent years.

In January 2022, they revealed they were having their first child together. September of 2022 was when Rihanna found out she was going to be performing during the halftime of Superbowl LVII, which everybody was obviously super excited about. Rihanna became a big hit in 2007 when she dropped her third album. This album carried her top song Umbrella, giving her first grammy award and making her one of the most popular singers ever. She carried on her popularity because of her music and has tons and tons of fans. After 7 years of no new music or concerts, she had the halftime show to remind everybody how good she was along with the pregnancy. Rihanna has always been an inspiration to everybody around the world. She has had multiple number-one songs and her music is the top stream every year. Everybody is very patient and waiting for the day she returns to the music industry. The day she does, it is going to be a good one, but until then she will rock as a momma and continue the other fashion work she is doing. Rihanna is one of the youngest self-made billionaires and she has not released half of what these other billionaires are releasing for music. That only tells us how much of an impact she has made on the world.