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2022-2023 National Football League Recap.

February 23, 2023

This year in the National Football League was a good one as always. We’ll start by congratulating the Kansas City Chiefs and all of their fans on their win in Super Bowl LVII. It was a great game between the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, with Jalen Hurts having an incredible game. The young, talented leader is on his way to being one of the best quarterbacks of this time. Patrick Mahomes has won his second Super Bowl with the Chiefs and is on his way to being named the greatest quarterback of all time.  

Next up, we’ll talk about the NFL awards that were given out on Thursday, February 9th. For the MVP category, you guessed it… Patrick Mahomes for the Kansas City Chiefs. This was Mahomes’ second season with 5,000 yards and almost 50 touchdowns, however this year he only had 41. He becomes the first player in NFL history to have multiple MVPs and multiple championships in his first six years. Offensive Player of Year goes to Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings. JJettas finished with 128 receptions and 1,809 receiving yards. Jefferson broke team records for catches and yards that formerly belong to Hall of Famers Chris Carter and Randy Moss… and he’s only 24 years old. We could be looking at one of the best wide receivers of all-time development right before our eyes. Defensive Player of the Year belongs to Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers. In 16 games, he had 18.5 sacks, 51 tackles, two forced fumbles, and 58 quarterback pressures. Without a doubt, he is the most dominant defensive player in the league even after coming back from a torn ACL two seasons ago. Comeback Player of the Year was Geno Smith of the Seattle Seahawks. This man has had a very tough career, and everybody had given up on his ability, but he didn’t. He came back from seven years of being a backup quarterback to winning a starting spot and being considered of the best quarterbacks of 2022. Offensive Rookie of the Year belongs to wide receiver Garrett Wilson of the New York Jets. He finished with 83 catches for 1,103 yards. He becomes the first Jets rookie to surpass 1,000 receiving yards. The Defensive Rookie of the Year was CB of the New York Jets, Sauce Gardner. Besides his excellent name, Sauce had rest field production 2 interceptions, a league-leading 20 passes defense, and only allowed a 48.1% completion rate to nearby receivers. His year draws similar to former Jets player and Hall of Famer, Darelle Revis. The Coach of the Year was Brian Daboll of the New York Giants. In his first season, he took an average-talented team to the playoffs that had lost at least 10 games in the past five seasons. I’m excited to see a lot of the new, young talent that is developing in the NFL right now!   

Finally, we’ll discuss the overall performance of teams, players, and more. Cooper Krupp had another standout year, making a huge impact for the LA Rams even though the record didn’t show. Kupp’s Pro Bowl season abruptly ended with a high ankle sprain that led to surgery. The 29-year-old is heading into the next season at 30 and is primarily focused on recovery. DeVante Adams had another year where he proved himself to be one of the top wide receivers in the league, and the same goes for Tyreek Hill, who left his Super Bowl Chiefs to join the Miami Dolphins. Trevor Lawrence had a great first season, leading the Jaguars to the playoffs and his second season in the NFL. Despite losing in the Super Bowl, Jalen Hurts has proved himself once again and eliminated all the doubters. This man was overlooked all throughout his college and NFL career. Although he only threw for 3,701 yards… he only had 6 interceptions. His ability to scramble, get extra yards, and be an outstanding leader on and off the field is very commendable. Another name that has been overlooked this season is Justin Herbert. Herb threw for 4,739 yards with 25 touchdowns and the 3rd highest completion percentage among starting quarterbacks. Justin Herbert has one of the most talented arms in the league right now and people should be excited to see this young talent develop into a big weapon for the Chargers. Josh Jacobs and Derrick Henry once again lead the league in rushing yards. Jamaal Williams of the Detroit Lions has had a great year leading the league in rushing touchdowns. Stefon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, and AJ Brown all had great years with receiving yards and touchdowns, showing their potential and ability. George Kittle and Travis Kelce are once again the top tight ends with 10+ touchdowns with lots of receiving yards. There are lots of other great performers that were not mentioned above, and they deserve a lot of credit as well.  

This final part of the article will be opinionated, but I think many people will agree with me. Besides Patrick Mahomes, the most talented quarterback in the league is Justin Fields. Now before you come to me, look at the stats and look at his team. The man has almost no help on the Chicago Bears and no time to throw the ball. This is directly shown by his 1,143 rushing yards which are almost 400 yards more than the next quarterback… Lamar Jackson, who people say is the best-rushing quarterback. His ability to scramble, fight for extra yards, the vision of the field, leadership, arm strength, and accuracy… it is so rare to find someone of this caliber. He just happens to be on a rough team right now, but we’ll see how those changes. He was sacked 55 times, showing that his offensive line needs improvement. When he pops off, you can thank me for letting you know! I like to include these to interact with the audience more and hear your thoughts! We’ll see how this upcoming off-season and season goes for the NFL. God Bless and happy baseball season.  

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