Buster Highlight – CLC Tutoring Center


Kolton Maturey

Of all the resources that Garden City Community College offers, tutoring is one of the most utilized. Offering many several tutors for different subjects, the CLC Tutoring Center gives students the ability to further delve into their homework and understanding of the subject. While what subjects the Tutoring Center is able to offer varies per-semester, the one subject they always make sure is at hand is math. Every tutor in the CLC is a math tutor. Each tutor is only able to tutor the courses that they have completed and have to have received a referral from their professor to Mrs. Janice. This rule is why what other subjects outside of math, are able to be offered vary. The Tutoring Center has tutors working in the CLC. All of the tutors within the CLC are either already certified tutors or are working to become certified tutors. Each of the tutors go through rigorous training with Mrs. Janice to ensure that they are meeting their requirements to become certified tutors. This means that, as Mrs. Janice said, “Garden City Community College students know that they’re not just sitting down with any old buddy.” Each tutor knows and understand the course work, were placed as a tutor by recommendation, and agree to learn how to work with people who are confused and work with them until they understand the work at hand. The CLC is open on Mondays through Thursdays from 9am to 9pm,, Fridays from 8am to 1pm, and Sundays from 6pm to 9pm. The Tutoring Center is not just for the common college student. Students at high schools taking duel credits from GCCC can also utilize the CLC to assist them in their studies. On top of all this, it is completely free to all students of GCCC. While most of the work the tutors handle are walk-ins, any student is able to actually make appointments where they can come in, and if they should happen to walk in with a walk-in student, then the student with the appointment will be helped first. College can be difficult, but on the GCCC campus there are plenty of opportunities and tools for students to make their experience easy and painless.