Movie Review – IT Chapter Two


Elisabeth McGill

Evil returns to the small town of Derry, and the Losers Club must reunite to defeat the evil they thought had perished 27 years ago. Now adults, and having gone their separate ways, they are called back by Mike who stayed behind. Forced to face their damaged past, they must put their lives in peril once again to defeat the deadliest clown: Pennywise. Director Andy Muschietti brings the conclusion to the highest-grossing horror film of all time.

This near three hour movie delves deep into the fears of the characters without ever truly resolving them. The movie not only brings back Pennywise, but also fears turned to horrors. While the movie has lots of scares, there is no character development. Considering the challenges associated with creating the second half of the novel, the filmmakers have done an okay job. Although, this is probably all that’s needed to make “Chapter Two” a scary success. As someone who has read the books, I naturally have issues with the movie and the timeline that the two blockbusters were created around. However, when I take these aspects away, I can say that the movie’s characters were captivating and the casting was spot-on. The movie kept you grasped and on the edge of your seat. The suspense caused people to jump out of their seats and kept them eager to see the fate of Pennywise and the Losers Club. This movie may not have been perfect, but what movie is when adapting it from a novel created by one of the greatest horror geniuses of all time. “Chapter Two” is one to go see and enjoyed.