Exit Left Stage


Kolton Maturey

A change in the scheduling of Garden City Community College’s theater program College Players has moved the anticipated play Death of a Salesman to their April performance next semester. When asked, over email interview, why this change had occurred Phil Hoke, College Players director, stated,
“One of our cast members had a significant health related concern. I can’t say more due to Hippa Privacy laws, but it was important to move the show to allow the student to recuperate in full which is happening.” Though the change was sudden, it is merely a small set back as the theater still plans to present their own, smaller, showcase plays to the public.
“There is no negative effect. Decisions are always made by asking the question, What’s best for students? In this situation, it would have been detrimental to move forward with the original production. I have actually been quite surprised, and frankly, delighted with the way students have responded to the showcase idea.” Hoke said in his email, “Each element of the showcase was voted upon and approved by students for inclusion. I’ve basically pulled back and let them take the lead on organizing the event. The way the cancellation has affected students is that they have taken ownership of the situation and they seem fully empowered.” The show for Death of a Salesman will be a much smaller showcase created by one of the students in the program.
“We will present a student showcase entitled Students 4 Students on Oct. 18. and 19. The showcase will feature the kind of performances students participate in when we go to Region V Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival” Hoke continued in his email, “Our students participate in a variety of ways including Design Expo, Irene Ryan Competition, and 10-minute plays. To stand out we often perform original work since we are competing against Universities and Graduate Students. The production will feature original dramatic and comedy duets along with some music and dance. The performance will contain adult content. So viewer discretion is advised.” Though theses showcases will still involve the students originally casted for Death of a Salesman, the play not have community members cast for parts in Death of a Salesman. All is not lost though, as these members will return to their parts in the spring for Death of a Salesman. The showcase itself will be performed on both Oct. 18. and 19. at 7:30 p.m. and is completely free to all community members and students alike. Come and see the student showcase and a student original ‘Santa’s Got the Flu’ coming in late Nov.