Student Stress


Rilee Harris

As students start running their last leg of fall semester, tensions are high. Finals, studying, and, assignments all seem to pile up one after another creating unhealthy levels of stress. Stress can be a motivator to accomplish daily tasks. It can even help and individual accomplish lifetime goals. However, too much stress can be harmful to a person’s health. “Stress can be negative when it is a constant, ongoing, “geared up” feeling and an inability to relax following the perceived threat.” Patricia Miller, a nurse at GCCC said. Too much stress can harm a person’s sleep schedule which only increases the feeling of being overwhelmed. Stress can also make symptoms of anxiety or depression worse if the stress is not taken care of. When the stress levels are high it is important to breathe, and relax where you are. Make a mental note of what needs to be accomplished that day instead of what needs to be accomplished that week. To cope with stress an individual can write in a journal, establish good eating and sleeping habits, and even anticipate a stressful situation and prepare for them before they happen. Individuals should also try to think positive, develop a good support group of family and friends, and understand to accept what they cannot change. While students can turn to anyone to help them through a stressful time, they can also turn to Genesis Family Health counselors.  GCCC has a partnership with Genesis Family Health which is an organization that promotes emotional and mental well-being. The Genesis Family Health Counselors can be found inside the office of the Bill Kinney Room (BTSC 1103). With Finals week fastly approaching, it is important to take time to relax and distress. Plan ahead and make sure to leave plenty of time to study and seek help if a subject is difficult to understand. Planning a time with friends is also a good way to forget about finals and assignments for just a little bit. Planning a schedule of what needs a accomplished can make it easier to see what needs done now versus later. Making sure to get a good nights sleep will also help with motivation to complete tasks the next day. By planning ahead and preparing for finals the stress of the upcoming test may not seem as intimidating as it once was. However, if students still feel stressed out and overwhelmed they can still seek help from Genesis Family Health if need be.