The New Mutants Review


WARNING! Possible spoilers ahead:


A new movie was just released Friday the 27th of August called, “The New Mutants”. The movie ended with 33% rotten tomatoes, and got a 5.6 rating out of 10. This movie is a branch to Marvel’s X-Men universe. There are a few references any fan of the X-Men franchise will understand. The film centers around five teenagers with special powers who are held captive in a hospital that is supposed to help them control their super abilities. Although they quickly learn, the hospital is not what it seems.  I recommend watching this if you want to watch something different from the normal hero movie, or want to watch a thriller. Although I would warn watchers that the story has many plot holes and will most likely leave you with unanswered questions. Overall the movie had a handful of action, drama, and romance.  

(“The New Mutants” Movie Poster)