International Mother Earth Day


Elycia Johnson, Writer

In over 193 countries, Earth Day is being celebrated and is an important holiday especially in the harsh times of global warming. Earth day is celebrated annually on April 22nd and was first celebrated in 1970. Earth day originated from Senator Gaylord Nelson in Wisconsin who was an environmentalist hoping to create ecological awareness. In 1990 there were over 200 million participants raising awareness of the environmental changes that are happening. There are many climate concerns happing in the present such as global warming, overconsumption, and deforestation. Arizona has retreated to using ground water since water resources are depleted though as years go on, they are forced to dig hundreds and hundreds of feet to reach water. Deforestation has been causing a drastic change in wildlife; with highly polluted air and forests burning down, air has been extremely toxic to all environments. 

The main goals of Earth Day are first to broaden the awareness of the environment including issues such as climate change, green schools, green jobs, and renewable energy. While broadening awareness, Earth Day Networks stride to diversify the movement by engaging both local, state, national, and global levels. Lastly, the plan to mobilize communities by engaging them with partner organizations for all citizens to be active in environmental change. There are various core issues to Earth Day Networks such as advocacy; the idea to encourage citizens to create an eco-friendly change to their lifestyle such as recycling, composting, and reducing our carbon footprints. Another issue would be climate change creating supporters who are willing to raise awareness and help make a change. It is important to conserve biodiversity; Sri Lanka has planted over 100 medicinal plants in Yagirala Forest Reserve. These plants can be used by the locals and create habitats for organisms. Education plays a big role in replenishing sustainable resources. It is important to teach students about climate change and environmental issues we are facing today as well as teaching students how to become eco-friendly and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Earth day was chosen to be on April 22nd because it was geared towards college students. It does not interfere with assignments, final exams, and spring break which makes it a perfect day to implement changes around our homes and schools. As college students we should accept the challenge of replenishing sustainable resources and making a difference for a better future.