1 Billion Young People at Risk for Hearing Loss


Taylor Thorp, Co-Editor

A recent study completed by “The World Health Organization (WHO)” has shown that one billion people, especially the part of the younger generation, are at high risk of hearing loss in the near future. This is primarily due to how loud people enjoy their videos, computers, music, and much more while mainly using headphones. Headphones, like air pods, are frequently used every day at 104 to 112 decibels, which over time can impair hearing. The study has not shown if the hearing loss is temporary or permanent. 

Loud noise can damage cells and membranes in the cochlea, resulting in hearing loss. Hearing loss can be a great deal and come with consequences that are not immediately thought of. Hearing loss not only can insanely throw off your sense of balance, but adults who struggle with hearing loss often struggle with depression, cognitive impairment, and even heart problems. A way to tell if you could possibly be at risk for hearing loss is if you notice that you are getting frequent headaches after listening to loud music. 

Thankfully, you most likely still have time to not be at risk for hearing loss. Some things you can do this avoid potential hearing loss is 

  • Turning down your device! Paying attention to the “volume is too loud” notification is important. 
  • Give yourself a distance from big speakers at an event if possible. 
  • Possibly use items like earplugs when in extremely loud environments to give your ears a break. 

Turn down the volume, and choose to take care of yourself, Buster’s!