Explore a Brand New World in Avatar: The Way of Water


Mya DelaCruz


An insight into the potential future through a film created by James Cameron reflects on politics and the slow death of planet earth. The year is based in 2154 and ex-military soldiers are sent to another planet called Pandora with the mission to make it their new home. With advanced technology, scientists created creatures for selecting soldiers to interact with the creatures of Pandora. During this mission, they end up overstepping the boundaries of peaceful inhabitants called the Navi. What makes this film one of the best is the plot twist of Jake Sully, actor Sam Worthington, falling for a fellow Navi and potential enemy. This blockbuster film is known as Avatar, with a sequel recently released titled Avatar: The Way of The Water 

The colors, scenery, creatures, love story, and action, are all put together in a masterful way to create conversations all around the world about how revolutionary this film series is. The first film was made in 2009 and 13 years later, the sequel followed in 2022. Both movies reaching over two hours long may seem like too long of a movie, but both films are filled to the brim with action and key details, each second keeping you intrigued the entire time. In the sequel, the “sky people” return to Pandora to take over once again while a personal fight breaks out between Jake Sully and his ex-military leader. James Cameron, the director of both Avatar movies, made the second film available in 3D attracting adults and kids all over the world. What kid doesn’t want to watch flying dragons and act as if it is right in front of them?  

The special effects were an extravagant advantage of these films, making them some of the most popular films in the world. The romantic love story that continues throughout the sequel is what creates the biggest connection. In the second movie, Jake Sully, and his partner Naytiri have children, keeping the romance promising. James Cameron has mentioned more movies and is going to create multiple sequels. Avatar is one of the most popular movies ever made and is a movie entire families can enjoy together. The continuous action, adrenaline, and romance make these movies and future avatar movies a definite hit.