History Made in Super Bowl LVll!


Brendan Cabral, Staff

This following Sunday, February 12th, there will be the final and annual playoff game for the NFL to claim the trophy that is known as the “ultimate honor” of the entire football game season, along with letting the national football players get a sense of closure that their hard work to get this award has paid off. It may not be an essential thing for people who aren’t a fan of sports, but there is importance with football stans as it is an exciting award to win and stay in history. However, this year’s final game creates a different kind of history. 

If not known, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles teams have made it to the Super Bowl. If there is a most important position in football; it is the quarterback. They’re basically the backbone of how the entire game will end. The game starts off centering around the quarterback. They’re relied on, and a definite main focus, as some football fanatics would call the player with the position the “best player in their team” in general. 

This brings us to the point of what kind of history is being made; although there has been diversity in the history of the super bowl, the two opposing teams will have black starting quarterbacks! The Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts, and the Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It is going to be the first same game in the entire annual playoff history to have both teams have the most viable position in football, being black and both of them being able to start off the games.  

There will be nothing more special and important in football history than this moment; after any ignorant comments or shady remarks, there will be a new diversity to the game that opens the door for other aspiring young black fans that look up to the football players to know that they can have a future with this, they’re able to achieve anything as more history becomes made. It’ll be a memorable and emotional moment for them. 

Not only will that be a special moment, but the game will also be played in February, which is Black History Month. It is such an important month for black people and their history, appreciation of their culture, and self-love; this coincidence is proof of fate. This month will have another memorable thing added to accomplishments to cherish for the rest of time and continuous diversity. It was a long-awaited destiny for change and a new outlook on football history.