Buster Highlight – Halo


Alondra Fuentes

The Hispanic American Leadership Organization is a program on campus dedicated to leading students toward the right path for success through helping the community and so much more. Although the “H” in HALO stands for Hispanic, the program doesn’t solely focus on students with a hispanic, or latino background. Their purpose is to assist students and provide helpful tools that will benefit their college career. They promote “higher education” for students by providing tutors and help with financial aid. The program is run by sponsors who happen to be helpful staff and faculty members. HALO also does a lot of community service, such as participation in the Fiesta parade, providing assistance at the flee market, and volunteering at the Salvation Army. The program holds meetings on campus every Friday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm at the SCC building. If a student wishes to join the program they can show up at a meeting and speak with the president or a sponsor of the club and fill out an application. Members of HALO try to make every participant feel at home and welcome.