Buster Highlight – Quiz Bowl


Kolton Maturey

Have a specialty for math? Know the names of many different artists and/or authors through the ages? Know a bunch of random facts and don’t know what to do with them? Then look no farther! On the Garden City Community College campus there is a scholars bowl team, other known as the Quiz Bowl. Located on the North side of the library just to the right of the entrance in room 1101. The students of Quiz Bowl compete in competitions of knowledge to see who, of rivaling colleges, know their stuff. In 2018 the GCCC Quiz Bowl team earned one of 25 invitations to compete at Nationals, and in 2019 they won first in the State tournament. The team even travels as far as Chicago to compete in these tournaments of brains. However, their first competition is not until November, so anyone looking to join has plenty of time to sharpen their intellect. On top of all the traveling, knowledge, and fun; Quiz Bowl also offers scholarships for their members. Who could give up that offer? For more details contact Dr. Ferguson for the opportunity to be one of the scholars of GCCC.