What’s In My Backpack?

Zaria Gottschalk, Staff

Ever wonder what tools to take with you to class to prepare for an abnormal semester? This new year has brought us some unusual new challenges but no need to panic, Trina a fellow Buster has got you covered! She will be showing you what she’s got in her backpack in order to survive this crazy new year. She’ll reveal everything from school supplies and other tools you’ll need in order to stay safe while going to class during this pandemic. She’ll take you on a step by step journey and show you the tools she uses in order to stay safe and organized during this year, all while providing you with helpful tips on what to keep in your bag to make life a little easier. Especially since this year isn’t like any other. 

With everything going on from on campus, to zoom, and hybrid classes; life can be stress-filled during this time. Especially for incoming freshmen who are new and adjusting to a new lifestyle, attempting to find classes and figuring out an on and offline schedule — stress no further! This video will assist you in being a little more prepared  to face the new year! Also remember to enjoy the school year and most importantly to stay safe Busters!